“Emergency Care for America's Heroes”

Membership Benefits

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CME and Educational Products

  • The Sullivan Group risk management education.  Up to 5 courses yearly, free for members
  • EPIC Newsletter and GSACEP Web site: We have offered in both the newsletter and on the web free
  • Deep discounts on virtual ACEP
  • Continuing education conference focused on military and federal health system issues

Important Initiatives

  • GSACEP represents military emergency physicians and the concerns of the federal health care system at the national ACEP level.
  • GSACEP supports our EM physicians with an Operational Medicine section on our website and material on preparation for deployments.

Committees and Task Forces

  • Conference Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Epic Newsletter Committee
  • Technology and Website Committee

Other Benefits

  • Beginning in Nov 2012, GSACEP will be partnering with Hagan Benefits, a disability insurance program, to present a product designed for moonlighting military doctors

Leadership Opportunities

  • A new scholarship program has been developed for residents to attend the ACEP Leadership Program, ACEP Scientific Assembly, and GSACEP symposium.
  • Alternate Councillors are chosen to represent the chapter at ACEP's Scientific Assembly based on their participation in the chapter during the prior year.
  • GSACEP Officers are elected by our Membership. The ballot is on the GSACEP website and is available to all Active members. (Resident members vote for the Resident Rep).

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