“Emergency Care for America's Heroes”


Updated 2021 - March

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Membership Committee

Goal 1: Supporting Members through all Career Transitions


  • Enhance transition information from residency to attending
    • Develop a process to maintain career development material including info on fellowships.
    • Outline initial board certification requirements, navigation with deployments & reimbursements
    • Develop resources to improve preparation for evaluations and promotions.
  • Assist preparation and success in operational roles and on deployments
    • Gather and centralize information about types of operational billets & deployments across the Services
    • Gather resources for personal and professional success on deployment
    • Provide information on pre-deployment training opportunities
  • Support transition to Reserve, Guard, VA, and Federal Service.
    • Establish collection of network leaders
    • Resource document on benefits, credit for service
    • Educate on advancement and unique opportunities available
  • Support transition to civilian employment.
    • Resource document on how to search for a position
    • Resource document on selecting a civilian position (benefits, pay, non-compete clauses)
    • Resource document on documentation/billing

Measures of success - increase in participation & diversity of participants, increase website traffic, member survey (annual or bi-annual)


Goal 2: Highly connected and engaged membership leading to higher recruitment and retention


  • Foster asynchronous bidirectional communication
  • Build network for communicating and connecting
    • Design network framework
    • Identify unique areas/Communities for member connection
    • Identify role/responsibility Network leaders”
    • Codify process to maintain network leaders
  • Develop value added services for resident members
    • Identify value added programs unique to residents
    • Develop programs/benefits
    • Communicate package to residents
    • Assess and revise programs/services


Measures of success: - One value added touch point per member per month, Increased engagement members as network leaders, # Network leaders transition to BOD/Ctte leadership, Increased candidate to active membership, Increased candidate membership


PR/Advocacy Committee

Goal 1: Develop committee & goals


  • Development of committee related to advocacy & public relations
  • Create committee goals, structure, barriers, connections
  • Connect committee to other organizations (ABEM, VA, DHA, etc)
  • Create content around experiences & stories (share personal advocacy journeys)


Goal 2: Develop educational product for chapter leadership and the membership on what we can do and what we cannot do in Advocacy


  • Develop draft document
  • Send document to the BOD for review/edits/comments
  • Send doc to ACEP legal for review/edits
  • Develop educational product for the membership (i.e. document or PowerPoint, talking points for members)
  • Distribute educational product to the membership


Goal 3: Reform Fellowship in Leadership Development (optimize the track for future advocacy leaders)

  • Evaluate current leadership grants/awards/Fellowship
  • Develop goals/deliverables for those that receive the awards/Fellowship
  • Submit goals/deliverables to BOD for review/approval
  • Update requirements to apply for leadership awards/Fellowship - formalizing the program
  • Turnover program to Awards Committee for execution


Measure of success: Process of establishing need and bi-directional sharing

  • Newsletter
  • Social media presence
  • Website
  • Advocacy education for Board
  • Advocacy agenda

Awards Committee

  • Recruited Chair and Co-Chair, goal to have Vice Chair in training to assume Chair status the following year
  • Executive board member serves as liaison
  • Responsibilities:
    • Promote applications for GSACEP and ACEP awards
    • Review GSACEP award applications and recommend recipients to Board of Directors


Nominating Committee

  • Chair: President elect
  • Responsibilities:
    • Present a slate of qualified candidates for board of directors 90 days prior to GSACEP elections


Conference Committee

  • Recruited Chair and Co-Chair, goal to have Vice Chair in training to assume Chair status the following year
  • Executive board member serves as liaison
  • Responsibilities:
    • Oversee all GSS related planning
    • Ensure financially responsible conference with appropriate board oversight
    • Post conference: compile an after-action report