“Emergency Care for America's Heroes”

COL (Dr.) Dave Barry Fellowship in Leadership Development

The GSACEP COL (Dr.) Dave Barry Fellowship in Leadership Development is designed to develop and prepare future military and federal emergency medicine leaders.  The fellowship combines elements of coaching, with skills in organization, education, advocacy, and involvement.   

The fellowship serves to provide both an orientation to organized medicine and leadership development to ensure our future military and federal emergency medicine leaders succeed in the combined military and civilian organized medicine setting.  

 Program Goals

  • Develop leaders who are prepared for their leadership roles in terms of knowledge and experience.
  • Provide orientation and skills to allow potential leaders to promote military and federal emergency medicine locally and nationally.
  • Increase participation in GSACEP activities and committees, developing long-term leadership for the organization

Criteria for Nomination 

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Active GSACEP member
  • Two years obligated service remaining in military or federal service.    
  • Possess a track record of outstanding work and participation in professional activities.
  • Commit to all elements of the GSACEP fellowship curriculum. 

Any member of the Government Services Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (GSACEP) may nominate himself/herself or another member for this award.  

Fellowship Curriculum

Over the course of the Fellowship, GSACEP Fellows will participate/contribute in the following ways:

  • Quarterly coaching sessions (one hour) with senior GSACEP leader/advisors: Linda Lawrence, MD, CPE, FACEP and/or Andrea Austin, MD.
  • With GSACEP leadership assistance, apply for membership on one ACEP committee of your choice.
  • Volunteer as a member of one GSACEP committee of your choice.
  • Participate in GSACEP Board of Directors conference calls and attend BOD meetings at conferences outlined below.
  • Write one article for the GSACEP Newsletter, "The EPIC".  
  • Attend the following meetings within 2 years:
    • Act as alternate GSACEP Councilor for the annual ACEP Council Meeting.  (October timeframe)
      • requires attendance at ACEP Council Meeting (night prior to Council meeting and two nights of the meeting)
    • Represent GSACEP at the ACEP annual Scientific Assembly. (October timeframe) 
      • Attend ACEP and GSACEP committee meetings as well as GSACEP Board of Directors Meeting.  
    • Attend annual ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference. (Spring timeframe) 
    • Attend annual Government Services Symposium (spring timeframe)
  • FAQs:
    • Fellowship Term
      • Fellowship term begins July 1st, 2023 and ends, June 30th, 2025.
    • Who should apply?
      • This is a great experience for resident physicians or attendings. You do not need to be a resident or junior staff physician. We fully encourage mid-career or even persons later in their career with an interest in leadership, advocacy and getting more involved in GSACEP to apply. The experience will be tailored to your stage of career and individual goals.
    • How much time can I expect to commit to the Fellowship?
      • Board meetings are usually 60-90 minutes with 30-60 min of preparation before meetings (4-6 meetings/year)
      • ACEP National Committee work varies, can be 1 hour/month, with busier projects (which you control if you participate in), may have up to 4 hours/month
      • Writing an article (600-1000 words)- 2-4 hours. Depends on your writing skills.
      • Quarterly coaching meetings (1 hour)
    • What happens if I get deployed/have a baby/have other life events?
      • GSACEP is made of military physicians, and we understand the challenges of military life. The fellowship is structured flexibility to anticipate life events, formal schools, deployment, and other military demands.  If these circumstances arise, you will work with your BOD mentor to tailor your involvement to accommodate your military and life responsibilities.
    • GSACEP will provide the following financial support to the Fellow:
      • SA/Council:  Stipend of $1,000 provided to support hotel/travel if needed.
      • LAC:  Stipend of $1,000 provided to support hotel/travel if needed. GSACEP will pay LAC registration.
      • GSS:   Stipend of $1,000 provided to support hotel/travel if needed. GSACEP will waive GSS registration fee.

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