“Emergency Care for America's Heroes”

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Challenge coins, Joint Chiefs, Athena Rising and more

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April 8th

Watch multiple teams go head-to-head in a Sim War!

April 9th

  • Joint Chief of Staff Surgeon Brig. Gen. Paul Friedrichs
  • MINUSMA Operation in Mali, Dr. Ralph Vermelfoort
  • Research Forum
  • Consultant & Specialty Leader Panel
  • What makes a good Operator? Dr. Max Lee & Panelists 
  • Small Hospital Clinical Skills Enhancement Program, Dr. Kristen Kann
  • GSACEP Board Meeting 
  • Happy hour!

April 10th

  • Creating an Inclusive Culture- Lessons from Athena Rising, Drs. Brad Johnson & David Smith
  • Thicker than Water: Blood Product Resuscitation in the Operational Environment, Dr. Meaghan Keville
  • Lifelong Learning, Dr. Scott Young
  • Getting What You Need: Linking Your Request to Doctrine or Policy, Dr. John Wightman
  • Perfect Practice, Dr. Grace Landers
  • Med Challenges in the Pacific WW2, Dr. Bret Ackerman
  • Space Medicine and the Deconditioned Astronaut, Dr. Kristin Silvia
  • The Modern FRST: The Emergency Physician’s role, Dr. Shane Summers
  • Medical Decision Making in Austere Locations, Drs. Regan Lyon & Brian Thebaud
  • Ethical Leadership, Dr. Al Giwa

April 11th

  • USS Comfort Lessons, Dr. John Devlin
  • Head in the Clouds: The Importance of Mindset Downrange, in the Hospital, and in Everyday Life,  Dr. Meaghan Keville
  • New Leader's Toolbox - Tips to Rock Your First Leadership Position, Dr. Torree McGowan
  • Hot to Clot: Anticoagulants and How to Reverse Them, Dr. Gerald Maloney
  • Purple Medicine (DHA cliff notes), Dr. Bonnie Hartstein
  • THE DCR Team Concept, Drs. Dan Brillhart & E. Thronson          
  • Deployment Toxicology, Dr. Joseph Maddry

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