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2019 GSACEP Board of Directors Election Now Open

Choose your leadership for the coming year

2019 GSACEP Board of Directors Election Now Open

President Elect Candidates

LCDR Andrea Austin, MD, FACEP 

I would like to serve as GSACEP President Elect for the 2019-2020 term. I have been an active member of GSACEP for several years. The highlights of my service are: SimWars Director at GSACEP 2018, Simulation Director for the Military History Display at ACEP 2018, and Conference Chair for GSACEP 2019 in Nashville, TN. I was the recipient of the 2018 GSACEP Rising Star award. GSACEP has a critical role of providing opportunities for information sharing and collaboration among our members. Herein, I’ve provided some information on my background and how these experiences have prepared me to lead GSACEP.

My military career began at Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD). After residency, I was Simulation Director for Emergency Medicine at NMCSD. My operational experience includes a deployment with the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force to Al Asad, Iraq and Kuwait from 2016-17. After deployment, I returned to NMCSD and was an Assistant Program Director. Currently, I am the Simulation Director and an Emergency Medicine physician at Navy Trauma Training Center (NTTC) at USC + LA County. NTTC provides intensive trauma training to Navy Corpsmen, nurses, mid-levels and physicians. My experiences with NTTC and LA County have provided a great foundation for the development and continued success of military-civilian partnerships. As GSACEP President Elect, I would like to share best practices and foster these civilian-military partnerships.

Our membership, Active Duty, Reservists, Veterans’ Administration, Indian Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services, and Public Health Service EM physicians face unique challenges. We deploy, relocate frequently, face fiscal constraints and other uncertainties. We proudly face these challenges and we have an amazing track record of innovation and overcoming hurdles. It would be an honor to represent GSACEP as President Elect to advocate for all our members.

Resident Representative Candidates


Thank you for your consideration of my application for the position of resident board representative of GSACEP. As an active duty military resident in a civilian program, I am in a unique position as a military member in a civilian medical community. I believe that further advances in medical care of the critically ill patients will require closer collaboration between these two, sometimes isolated, worlds. As a resident, I have become involved in multiple leadership roles, to include the chair elect of the EMRA wilderness section, and multiple initiatives in improving our residency education. I am also passionate about the education of younger residents and medical students, and advocate strongly to the leadership of our residency and hospital for ongoing improvement in our didactic and clinical educational experience. As a military member, I continue to stay involved by helping mentor ROTC students seeking medical careers, completing the Military DiMM course, and will be coming back to USUHS as an instructor next year. As a resident member of GSACEP board, I believe I can continue to advocate for military EM residents and help develop military unique opportunities, such as resident electives and an educational database for development of residency educational curriculums. I envision GSACEP as a resource military EM residents can use to pursue their interests and develop nationwide collaborations between residencies on both military and civilian side. Furthermore, I would love to help organize resident specific events at GSACEP conferences, such as MedWAR or trivia competition to foster further interest in GSACEP for residents. Thank you again for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Capt. Joshua da Silva, DO, MC, USAF

I have only been involved with the GSACEP since the middle of last year, with my involvement with the ACEP history project. I have since become involved in planning the symposium as well as the EPIC restart. The more I am involved, the more I enjoy and am encouraged by the incredible staff I have worked with. My wish is to further offer my skills and serve this incredible community in the ways that I can. I also see my own residents, as well as residents from other programs relatively disengaged. I see the value that GSACEP has had on my training and want to find ways to motivate my colleagues to choose involvement as their new norm. I also have experience with the management of other organizations, have experience organizing and running large projects, and believe that my skills will be of service to the boards efforts to further reach residents in training.

Councillor Candidates

Jennifer L'Hommedieu Stankus, MD, JD, FACEP

I have been a councillor every year since 2012. I have served on the Council Steering Committee, was Chair of the Medical Legal Committee, among other rolls within ACEP. I switched to the GSACEP Chapter last year, and hope to continue to represent our members through the Council. I am currently working as a contract physician at Madigan Army Medical Center, but have been offered a regular GS position when one becomes available. I intend to finish my career in government service, serving our amazing troops, retirees, and dependents.


Alan Jeffrey Hirshberg, MD, MPH, FACEP

As an Emergency Physician I have had the good fortune to practice in a variety of health care environments from austere conditions to Level 1 teaching facilities. My focus has always been on providing high quality care to whomever presented to the Emergency Department in whatever facility or location I was practicing in. I am applying to be a GSACEP Councillor to continue this focus and to raise awareness and advocate for the GSACEP membership in the ACEP leadership and national medical community.
As a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) physician for the past eleven years I am well aware of the challenging bureaucracy of the federal system. I have organized and staffed the VHA booth at the ACEP Scientific Symposium for the past five years, have been an active member of the ACEP Clinical Practice Committee since 2000, was a faculty lecturer at the DOD/VA GSACEP conference in 2010, and helped developed national VHA Emergency Department design guidelines for the VHA in 2012 and 2016. In my committee and hospital roles, I have helped educate the public and other regulatory bodies such as the Joint Commission, state departments of public health, congressional representatives, and media groups regarding the importance of accessible quality emergency medical care and the ability of an emergency department to make a positive impact on the health care needs of a community. My current role as the Chief Medical Investigator for the VHA Office of the Medical Inspector gives me the opportunity to ensure that our VHA facilities maintain a level of quality that matches and exceeds that in the public and private sectors.
I feel that my clinical and administrative experiences have given me an excellent preparation for the role as a GSACEP Councillor. I ask for your approval to serve in this position.

Tyler Davis, M.D.

I am an active duty Air Force Emergency Medicine physician at San Antonio Military Medical Center. I am running for the position of GSACEP Councillor. GSACEP has offered many opportunities to me including a scholarship to attend a national ACEP conference and the opportunity to work alongside military medicine leaders in the History of Military Emergency Medicine project. Also, the Government Services Symposium enabled me to coordinate a national research forum and meet emergency physicians across all military branches. My goal as Councillor would be to reach more members with the benefits that GSACEP offers. My current duty station at a combined Army and Air Force military treatment facility with a large residency program allows me to reach GSACEP members across different services and levels of training.

CAPT (R) David Munter, MD, US Navy stated in a recent interview, “The three Surgeon Generals asked, ‘Who are all those people in the back there? They’re the only three joint people that are all talking together [at the resident selection board].’ And [Dr. Munter] said, ‘Oh, those are the ER docs, they all knew each other from Government Services’.” My second goal as Councillor would be to continue GSACEP’s role of fostering connections across military branches. I hope to assist with the growth of the annual conference of GSACEP, the Government Services Symposium, to provide a national opportunity to network and share military medical knowledge among service members of the VA and all military branches.


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