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50th Anniversary Display Topics Available

ACEP 50th Anniversary

GSACEP History of Military Emergency Medicine Display

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GSACEP is Authoring History

Emergency Medicine is a young specialty, but its roots stretch back centuries, intricately intertwined with the history of military conflicts.  The battlefield has served as a catalyst for creating some of the basic ideas which define emergency medicine as a distinct medical discipline, and a crucible for refining existing medical knowledge.  No other human condition consistently produces large numbers of traumatic injuries and communicable diseases like wars, and the development of emergency medicine can be traced through the evolving conflicts of the past millennia.

GSACEP has undertaken a multi year project to document the history of our specialty as it has evolved in the specialized environment of the military.  One of the major projects is a large walk through museum at the ACEP 50th Anniversary celebration in San Diego this October.

We are proud to offer an opportunity to develop story boards and presentations that detail the development of emergency medicine in the military.  This is a great chance to complete a scholarly project, learn about the roots of our specialty, and present it in person in San Diego. 
Most military residencies have an attending champion who can serve as a project mentor. We also have strong partnerships with military historians, public affairs, new agencies and the National Museum of Health and Medicine to help us access background material to color our narrative. We can help connect you with a faculty reviewer if you do not have one at your site.
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The requirements for the projects are:
- Well researched history of your chosen subject summarized in a 300-500 word script appropriate for a story board, which will be displayed in our living museum in San Diego, and may be displayed permanently at ACEP Headquarters or with our partner National Museum of Health and Medicine
- Coordinate Interactive displays (if appropriate) for an emergency physician audience
- Illustrate your topic with photographs, videos
- Optional (but highly encouraged) 10 minute mini lecture on your topic to be presented at ACEP in the History of Military Emergency Medicine display
- Optional journal article created from your research, which may be incorporated into a book in the future
- Display and mini lectures will occur 1-4 October 2018 in San Diego.  You do not need to attend the conference to contribute to the project, but you are highly encouraged.
 - If you are unable to attend - we can coordinate a presentation via video conference (or) recorded video presentation 
An initial draft of the content will be required by September 1st


Deadline for submissions May 20, 2018

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Available topics:
Extremity tourniquets (currently being addressed by Dr. Gillian Schmidt/BAMC residents)
Junctional tourniquets
Other advanced hemostatic devices (foam, etc)

Ground ambulances
Rotary wing evac
Fixed wing evac
Field expedient evacuation
En route critical care

Blood transfusion
Damage control resuscitation

First responders/EMS
Early first responders - battlefield medics
Early EMS systems built on military model
Medicine as a system
Letterman and organization of the Army of the Potomac
Larrey and flying ambulances
Joint Theater Trauma System 

Portable US (Currently being addressed by Dr. Eric Chin, BAMC)

Ballistics and wounding patterns

Blast injury care


Emergency Physicians Currently Serving in the DOD/VA
Air Force

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Funding - GSACEP is unable to provide full funding to the conference, however, scholarships for conference fee’s are historically offered - and selection/participation with these presentations will be considered during the selection process for scholarships. Additionally, most training institutions have Clinical Investigation Department/GME funds for scholarly activity. Additionally several military EM residencies will grant PTDY for presentations/conferences. Please discuss with your respective programs for details.

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