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Joshua da Silva, DO, FACEP



Hello all! My name is Joshua da Silva, soon to pin on Major as active duty Air Force. I am currently stationed at Wright-Patterson Medical Center as the Assistant Medical Director. I have a background in nutrition research with a new focus in ED leadership, quality assurance, and process improvement. I have been with GSACEP for about 4 years now and have served in various capacities. Currently, in addition to now being on the board, I sit on the finance task force and am the sub-chair of the membership committee. I am engaged to my wonderful partner who I don't deserve and live with my dog and two cats (who all get along believe it or not). My long term goals are still in flux, but my short term goals are to continue to advance my experience with leadership and process improvement, to include research and national leadership positions. The only long term goal I have for sure is to one day turn into an old lady who drinks tea all day and feeds the birds, not necessarily in that order. 

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